What popular interactive sex novels are written in Ren’Py?


Ren’Py is a free cross-platform engine that helps you make a story game. It can be a visual novel, a story told through text, images, sounds and music. Ren’Py scripting language allows you to write visual novels simply and efficiently, you won’t need a professional programmer to create the game. What popular interactive 3D porno games are written in Ren’Py?

Guilty Pleasure

Your friend asks you to help organize his high school graduation party. But something happened after this fun party, you started to feel something you shouldn’t have felt. And it seems you’re not the only one with feelings. Make your choice and help your hero through this situation.

Angelica’s Temptation: From the Beginning

This game is a sequel to another game, but this one seems much bigger and better. The game contains a huge amount of images and sexy scenes. Angelica is a married nymphomaniac woman. Her husband works too much and so she looks for sex elsewhere. Many characters and family friends are involved in her addiction.

Hotwife Ashley

This is a story about you and your wife. Couples sometimes come to such an agreement that they are willing to share each other with other partners. You can’t tell if you’re really ready for that until you try it. Let’s see how you handle it in the game, because it seems like the only option to bring your ruined sex life back to life.

Pleasureville – Naughty Neighbourhood

You’ve just moved to a new place called Pleasureville. As you might expect, you’re going to meet new people, have relationships with them, and after that, you get to hook up with the girls around you. Your decisions affect the results, so think before you speak.

Summer of Love

The game is about the pandemic and how it affects your life in 2020. You lost your job but moved to a small town where you were hired as a yoga instructor. Your girlfriend has the same job. Later, another guy shows up, and things gradually turn into a yoga harem.

I Am In Heaven

Don’t forget to delete the status bar (as described in the Renpy Bugs link) and ignore the errors, the video can only be skipped that way. The story continues, and your decisions will guide you through the third episode. Try to sleep with all the hot girls around you (or not, if you don’t want to).

Midlife Crisis

This is a huge game with lots of visuals (sometimes there will be bugs that you can ignore). As the title of the game says, you’ll take on the role of a middle-aged man who’s already done a lot with his life. The kids are already students, and the house seems completely empty. You begin to be bothered by the feeling that your best years are gone. So what to do? Go on living a happy life with your wife, or maybe take a chance and try something new?

Watching My Wife 

This is the story of you, your wife and her two beautiful sisters. Both of them are young and good looking. They visit you often and you have a great time with them. They differ slightly in their behavior, but overall they are easy-going. The game covers ten or more years of your relationship, and a lot will happen to you. The author says it’s a true story.

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