Lesson of Passion adult games rating


Lesson of Passion is a modern pornographic game producer with great graphics. If you want to experience new emotions and admire high-quality pictures of adult games, you should definitely take a look at the games of this developer. There are different games with complicated plot, so if you really want to dive into the world of porn games and be the protagonist, you will definitely be interested in these games. We will give you a Lesson of Passion adult games rating.

Under the Black Banner

There was a simpler time for mankind, when people crossed the oceans in search of purpose and glory. The weeks and months one spends traveling will test one’s resolve as well as one’s nature, and many who return home will never be the same again as when they left… if they ever returned at all. For the sea was both a beautiful and deadly place to find adventure, or it would find it. Out there, a man leaves his own mark on the world and chooses his own path. Sean Gray was such a man who was looking for his own direction in life.

You see, Sean had no attachments to his life before he got on the ship. But he did so in hopes of creating his own way of life and sailing wherever he saw fit. It all turned into something more when his ship was attacked and boarded by pirates led by the legend himself, Captain Perry. But instead of slitting his throat and throwing Sean into the sea, she recruited him, and now he sailed under her banner. Now Sean, appointed by the chief vote of his crew, must rally the crew in hopes of saving his Captain from certain death and try to repay the debt of life he has sworn to her.

Lesson Of Passion Collection

Sex and glory and Lesson of Passion Studios can be considered the sharks of the porn game world. In this collection, we have collected the best games of these studios, including the new releases of this year! A variety of heroes and the sea of sex is waiting for you!

Seducing the Throne Premium

Description: This is an RPG game, so you’ll need to develop your character’s skills in different areas – fighting, theft, politics, etc. Impress your gorgeous girlfriends with your progress and help the townspeople by completing tasks (for a fee, of course). Upgrade your mansion with new equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Living with Temptation

You can be the perfect husband. Help Tracy around the house, take care of the little girl, earn money and spoil her with your kindness. Rediscover the pleasure of sex and have kinky experiences with her. You may fall in love with the babysitter. Spend time together, give her gorgeous gifts, take advantage of any intimate situation and steal her heart. Meet her hot friend and flirt with them both. Give in to temptation. Play with their desire for you. The more attractive you are, the better your chances of getting into their panties. 

Beneath steel clouds

A relationship simulator with an interesting story and adventure elements. You need to make different choices and perform actions based on a daily schedule to get the attention of one of the 3 beautiful ladies. Create your stats, earn money and communicate with the girls – 3 endings to unlock.

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