Dirty Ernie Show games and cartoons for adults


What are Dirty Ernie Show games and cartoons for adults? A collection of nine parts, the comedy and erotic adventures of Grandpa Ernie in a nursing home! The game has a choice of developments. 

Part 1

This game is the first in a series about Dirty Ernie, and you will learn about an old man hovering in the clouds. This horny man has a mind of his own and really wants to fuck a pretty young nurse with a round ass and huge tits. 

Part 2

In this part of the series of games about the adventures of Dirty Ernie, you will find exceptionally sweet slits. One of the pretty nurses is going to get all clutched up with the nurse, and Ernie will be watching them, and he will see them at the very moment when the nurse is sucking his huge cock with rapture, and pregnant Flo interferes in this process.

Part 3

In the next part of the game about the adventures of a very horny old man named Ernie, we will see the situation when his own girlfriend Flo suddenly starts to pay attention to a very handsome nurse. However, he will already be dating a sexy pretty nurse, and at the end of each work day they will start fucking anywhere. 

Part 4

In Show 4, Flo and the nurse’s decisive struggle to lure the nurse into their love net will unfold. They will do anything to make love to him. 

Part 5

In the new part of the many sexy games about the hospital, you can get acquainted with another very sexy nurse, who recently received the position of chief nurse. She looks so good that Bug immediately decides to fuck her, which makes all the other nurses, who have their own plans for Bug, furious. 

Part 6

Ernie is all dreamy. He’s still dreaming of getting fucked, just like before. Can you help him have a new sexual experience? This time he has to choose between Viagra and Valium. But Flo has forbidden him to take those magic pills. 

Part 7

Another part of the popular sex game can dramatically change the course of your thoughts. The old geezer Ernie, as before, very much wants to fuck the sexy young nurse. During the game you will witness a very comical erotic situation.

Part 8

Ernie will be lying in the hospital, and his TV will only show two channels. But since this situation doesn’t suit him at all, he decides to get cable TV, since it is Swedish porn that he considers really necessary for him.

Part 9

Part 9 of The Dirty Ernie Show is a free porn flash game about the new adventures of the prankster Ernie, who has been locked up in a nursing home for a long time. This circumstance does not prevent him from dreaming about beautiful girls, big tits, wet holes, and especially his adored nurse. 

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